Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home stretch.

I'll combine a couple of lessons here. A few days ago, shortly after my long solo cross country, I took the Warrior 526PU out to the practice area for a solo practice flight. I did a few ground reference maneuvers but I didn't loiter too long, as the mist seemed to be thickening and I didn't want to get caught in the soup. So, I went back to the airport to work on short and soft field takeoffs and landings. The takeoffs are pretty much where they need to be, but the landings need a little work. This brings me to my next flight.

A few days later I went up with Peter to start polishing the rough spots. We did a lot work on ground reference maneuvers, slow flight, stalls, and finally my nemesis, short field landings. To be honest, I believe that short field landings are the only thing that I really suck at. Now, in all fairness, we did a grand total of 3 or 4 in the 152, and before our flight last week, ZERO in the Warrior. So I think another lesson to concentrate on the short field landings should do the trick (I hope).

Anyway, I've included Google Earth waypoints for my last two lessons. I apologize for the brief entries but I'm doing a lot of studying for my written test. Enjoy!

Google Earth Track: Solo Flight / Short Field Landings
Logshare: Online Logbook


Steve said...

Good luck on the written!

And did you take that photo of the airport? Because if you did, I hate your weather right now!! (It sucks here, a lot)

Keith K. said...

Ha, no...I just use stock photos when I don't have one. Our weather is AWFUL right now. I had 2 flights cancelled last week due to cloud ceilings way too low. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next week though.

Steve said...

Welcome to November in the Midwest!

(Although I guess Minnesota's technically not the Midwest. Whatever.)

If we can both get this flying nonsense wrapped up before Christmas, I deem it a success.