Monday, November 24, 2008

Almost there....

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been progressing with my training. My evenings have been a little busy slogging through the written test prep, and now I'm signed off on it to take the actual FAA written test, which is scheduled for this Wednesday (Nov. 26). Also, I flew solo on Friday to practice ground reference maneuvers and short field landings.

Tomorrow I fly again solo to work on my rusty short field landings. If I'm satisfied with how they look, I'm going to try to schedule my Stage III checkride for early next week, and, if the weather holds out, my ACTUAL final checkride for late next week or early the following week.

Stay tuned, our journey is almost at it's end.

Google Earth Track:
Lesson 23 - Checkride Practice
Logshare: Online Logbook


Steve said...

Good luck on the written, Keith!

Keith K. said...

Thanks, Steve. Now get off your computer and go log some PIC time!

Steve said...

Ha, I actually was thinking about flying home to MI for Thanksgiving but the 150s are reserved on Friday when I'd want to fly back.

Once I get the checkout in the 172 this weekend, however, I'll have 3 birds to choose from if I want to go on a multi-day XC... so hopefully that'll make things easier.

Keith K. said...

Ah yes, the venerable 172. I'm told the transition from 150/152 to 172 is fairly straightforward.

Steve said...

Yea Dave said he doesn't think it'll even take me an hour.

It'll be nice to have a 172 w/a GPS for long XCs. Haven't ever used GPS in the sky but even if it's only there for emergencies it'll be quite useful to have.