Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Amazingly cooperative weather.

I'm going up for a quick solo jaunt today to see if I can hold my maneuvers to the Practical Test Standards as outlined for the FAA Checkride. Also, I found out that because my flight school is a Part 141 school (stricter standards than part 61), my school is allowed to perform the checkride. Not that the checkride will be easier, but it eliminates an unknown variable ("crusty old FAA examiner) from the equation. I know the lady that will be doing my checkride, and she seems normal.

And what about this Midwest weather? Sure it's a bit crisp out there, but for flying, you just can't beat it. If this weather holds out, I might have my certificate before my arbitrary deadline*.

Also, what's up with Ovaltine? The can is round, the cup is round, why not call it "Roundtine"?

*Deadline subject to change without notice.


Steve said...

Normal is a good thing.

It's flipping cold but the planes sure do climb like a bat out of hell!

And technically a circle is an oval, while an oval isn't a circle so strictly speaking... ;-)

Susan said...

Ovaltine sounds better than Roundtine, but I know where you're coming from. There are saltless Saltines. Now that's just wrong.