Friday, August 1, 2008

Rage against the wind.

Yeah ok, it was too gusty out today to solo. The school's max wind for solo students is 8 knots and no gusting. Today at 3pm when my lesson was scheduled it was 10 knots gusting to 16, so we scrubbed.

So, in lieu of flying, I copied my logbook entries to the INTERNET. Using the INTERNET you can now see everything in my logbook. I suggest you go to this HYPERLINK to access it.

Good night and good luck.

-The Flying Dutchman


Steve said...

Sounds like we had an identical day... well, I did actually go up... but even if my CFI had said I should solo I dunno that I'd have wanted to. Definitely was getting tossed all around up there until I was over 300 agl.

Solos here we come!

Keith K. said...

Yes it's another step I'd like to get behind me. I think it should be fun but I'm not as nervous about it as I should be.