Friday, August 15, 2008


Where Have All the 152s Gone

My trusty Cessna 152, N46953, has joined her sister in the maintenance shop with a bad cylinder. She's out indefinitely for an overhaul like N67973 (for several weeks/months).

So, seeing that a bunch of their students were suddenly without a flight training device, the school called me and they offered me the Piper Warrior II for about 12 bucks more an hour than what I'm paying for the 152. Since I don't have a ton of plane rental hours left, this is not a huge added expense.

HOWEVER it will take a few flights to get familiar with the plane so obviously this is a setback, if minor. I spoke with my CFI, Jimmy, and he said since our next few flights are dual anyway, it shouldn't be a huge deal and I'll be able to get signed off for solo in the Warrior quickly. Also the warrior is a bit more roomy, which is a pretty big advantage.

They're going to reinstate my cancelled lessons next week and replace the plane with the Warrior, so I'll only be missing today's flight. Tuesday should be interesting.


Rob said...

"my CFI, Jimmy" ?

It's a travesty that you haven't been referring to Jimmy as 'my CFI' since the inception of your blog. It sounds so much cooler to say, "I picked up my CFI again today", rather than "Jimmy rode along." What kind of blogging pudknocker are you?

Keith K. said...

A pudknocker of the highest order, kind sir!

Steve said...

Glad to hear you've got a means to get into the sky once again.

Let me know what you think of the ol' Piper... I've somehow still never been in a small low-wing plane.