Monday, April 28, 2008

Hard numbers.

One thing the government is good for is crunching numbers and creating reports and related documents. As I'm waiting for my flight training funding to free up, I've been studying various FAA statistics that are freely available to the public. Here are some FuN fAcTs (all numbers are from 2006):

Number of private pilots: 219,233
Number of women private pilots: 14,111
Number of rated airline pilots over the age of 80: 1,562
Number of student certificates issued per year: 61,448

The interesting part is that you, dear reader, have no use for these numbers, and I've just wasted your time. Sorry!



Jim said...

I would like you to correlate the number of crashes by women to men and return percentages to determine the best flyers.

By the way, who is the dude in the plane?


Keith K. said...

Dude in the plane is a stock photo.

Women crash a lot more than men (I can't back that up).