Friday, April 25, 2008

Carcass inspection.

So, to become a private pilot you have to have an FAA physical exam. I went to the doctor's office today to have one, and while I was waiting in the exam room, I spied a nice new tube of "medical lube" sitting on the counter. 'Now, what is he planning on doing with that', I thought. All sorts of horrible procedures ran through my mind as I sat there, each possibility more horrific and embarrassing than the last, and each one requiring more water-based medical lube.

Happily for me, and sadly for you, dear reader, the lube went unused. The exam covered vision, hearing, and a very quick check by the doctor (lung and heart sounds, glands, holes in my head). It was easy and painless, and I left with as much medical lube in my orifices as I arrived with. The doc said I qualified for a 1st class medical (for commercial pilotry) but I only needed a 3rd class so that's what he gave me.

Next week: signing up for lessons!


Jock said...

You are right, I am disappointed.

Jim said...

That is a lame tease. All that lube talk and nothing to come of it. Sad, very sad.

Piobaireachd said...

That was damn funny stuff! But, unfortunately I now have to replace my keyboard. One should not spew diet Dr. Pepper through the nose.