Thursday, June 24, 2010

All good things must come to an end.

I can definitely say that I had fun while it lasted. Many of my loyal blog readers have noticed a lack of flying on my part, and now I will explain to you why.

Renting is great for taking flying lessons, but not so great for anything else.

A few months ago I started scouting some flying clubs in the twin cities area, limiting my search to Lakeville, Eden Prairie, and Crystal. I found a great club in Crystal (at Crystal Airport, KMIC) that had a good combination of affordable share price, very nice planes, and reasonable plane hourly rates. So the past few weeks I've held off renting so that I could use the money to get going with the Yankee Flying Club.

Now before the nice people who run the club will let me fly their nice planes, I need to do a "check out" flight. Insurance requires a designated instructor to verify that I can fly the plane safely. In this case, I'm going from a low-wing Piper Warrior to a high-wing Cessna 172. Sadly, the last four scheduled checkout flights were cancelled due to daily thunderstorms. Tomorrow is attempt #5...and the morning looks t-storm free so I'm confident that I'll be able to get checked out.

Hopefully this will allow me to fly a lot anemic logbook is begging for more ink.


CeridianMN said...

I look forward to hearing your impressions of the flying club. I am hoping to start lessons by this time next year at either KANE or KMIC and have considered the idea of joining a club after, or even for training.

Steve said...

So glad you've found a place and sorry the weather's been such a drag lately. This has been on heckuva year with t'storms so far.

Hope you enjoy the 172 - it's a stable XC bird. Hard to believe, but I've still never flown a low-wing!