Sunday, February 15, 2009

One week later.

I've decided to continue this blog into the next chapter of my aviation adventures. I still haven't flown since my checkride, but my wife's schedule is very busy right now and she is quite adamant about being the first passenger. We've got Feb. 22nd down as our day to fly.

Sadly, today was absolutely perfect flying weather and I was committed to helping with a fundraiser with my wife, so no flying today. Pity.


Steve said...

I understand your conundrum. Gina insisted she be first as well, but I was lucky to have good weather (and she a free schedule) to go up the day after the checkride. Weather was decent for mid-Feb here yesterday so I got in some solo XC time. About 13 down now, 37 to go for the IR requirement!

Keith K. said...

Ah, going right for the instrument rating then? Good for you, I hope to do that as soon as possible but I think it'll be a while.

Steve said...

Nah, guess I shoulda been more clear. Just working to build those hours so I don't have to run off and do 10 XCs for no reason other than building time when I am working on the IR. It'll probably be a few years since I'm going to have to save up the money again - and I'm probably going back to school for my MBA this fall... and I can only do so much learning at the same time!