Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stage Check.

Today I completed the last item in the syllabus, the Stage 3 Checkride.

The check instructor, Dan, had me depart the pattern and head to the practice area for some maneuvers. We did a steep turn, in which I gained 150 feet in altitude (100 is allowed) so he let me start over. I did a steep turn in each direction and stayed within the speed, altitude, and heading constraints. We then did some slow flight, which is flight near stall speeds. That also went well. My power off and power on stalls were good, as well as my response to a partial-power emergency.

After that, we did a nice little turn-around-a-point, which I nailed and then we headed back to the airport for takeoffs and landings. I did a short-field landing, hitting my mark PERFECTLY (thank you very much), and a soft field takeoff, which was a little shaky but adequate. Dan had me do a soft field landing (land as softly as possible, no brakes) and I managed to set the plane down as smooth as silk.

We filled out some paperwork and Dan, signed me off to take the final Check Ride. The next step is an "audit" with my CFI to make sure my paperwork, lessons, and endorsements are all in order. Then I'll schedule my checkride with Marsha (head CFI) and I'll be a Private Pilot.

Logbook: Logshare

Total Hours: 53.0
Solo Hours: 12.2
Cross Country: 9.8
Simulated Instrument: 3.0
Day Landings: 111
Night Landings: 10


Steve said...

It's real easy to start gaining altitude in steep turns, at least for me. Most of the time I'm within PTS tolerances but it's easy to creep up and I do to sometimes.

Sounds like you kicked that plane's tail today - congrats and good luck on the final flight before the checkride!

No flying for me the next few days...
* From 03:00 PM: Wind 060° at 8 kts, Visibility 5 sm, light snowice pellets, Overcast 2500
* Temporarily from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM: Visibility 2 sm, light freezing rainice pellets, Overcast 1500
* From 05:00 PM: Wind 060° at 8 kts, Visibility 3 sm, light ice pellets, Overcast 1500
* Temporarily from 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM: Visibility 2 sm, light freezing rain, Broken 700, Overcast 1200
* From 08:00 PM: Wind 050° at 8 kts, Visibility 3 sm, light freezing rainice pellets, mist, Overcast 700
* From 12:00 AM: Wind 020° at 8 kts, Visibility 2 sm, light freezing rain, mist, Overcast 400
* From 08:00 AM: Wind 320° at 12 kts, Visibility 1 sm, light snow, Overcast 400

Keith K. said...

Apparently this is not the ideal time of year to fly a small plane.

Thanks for the kind words, I'll do my best. And if I can't do my best, I'll shoot for "good enough".