Sunday, December 21, 2008

S-s-so very c-c-cold...

I'm feeling far too lazy to type up a full report of everything so a summary will have to do. Basically, I took the stage check, did pretty well on everything except the short field landings. Ah yes, the short field landings, which I was oh-so confident about just a couple of weeks ago.

Well the check instructor wants me to polish them up a bit and retake that part of the stage check. In a way, it's good to find the rough spots now, rather than on the checkride, but the problme now is that the weather has been horrific lately. It's either snowing, cloudy, or clear and very, very cold. I flew with Peter a few days after the checkride and the engine just never really heated up. So, I've decided to just lay low until the holidays are over and I get some decent weather.

I've got another flight schedule for tomorrow morning but since it's supposed to be -10°F, I'm going to deep six the reservation and wait for better times.


Steve said...

I know you're up in the Great North and it's twice as cold up there, but it's been beyond frigid here too. It was 0 last night with a -21 windchill. Brrrrrr indeed!

Keith K. said...

Next week is looking splendid. I'm trying to maintain a positive mental attitude.