Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well I found out my new instructor Dan took a job flying a freight plane so he's not available for lessons before 5pm anymore. That won't work for me because I need to be home at 5:30 and also, it gets dark at 7 (and earlier every day).

But it's ok, there's not too many lessons left. I have a remedial navigation / pilotage lesson scheduled for Thursday and hopefully I can make up the failed lesson Friday or early next week. At some point I'll have to choose another CFI but for now I need to focus on getting past this stage check.


Steve said...

You've not had the best luck with instructors and availability! Not too much left tho... think you'll have the cert by the end of the year?

Once we're official pilot folk we should meet up somewhere in between us, like KSFY.

(I literally just searched a 40I-STC route and looked for a point in the middle, cause I'm cool like that)

Keith K. said...

Yeah, it's part of the culture though. I'm going to talk to the Chief CFI and find out which instructor is the least likely to leave. My goal is to be done by December.

So, what did you find for a midpoint? ;)

Steve said...

SFY was about as good as I could find that wasn't a Class C and seemed to be in a vaguely scenic area. Didn't check out restaurants for the $400 hamburger run though.