Friday, September 19, 2008

Flying Cloud to Saint Cloud.

Dual Night Cross Country

Sunday I'm scheduled to fly with my new/old CFI Dan on a night cross country to St. Cloud airport (KSTC). I'm hoping then to do my short and long solo cross countries next week so I can then prep for the written test and check ride.

Watch this space for updates!


Steve said...

Keeping right up with the progress, eh? You've plowed right ahead of me now, Keith.

I'm doing my second dual X-C tomorrow and then hopefully my first solo next week. But I still need to do all my IFR and night work, so it looks like another month or two before the checkride.

Keith K. said...

Haha, don't overestimate my progress. You don't have to finish your training in an airplane that lands like a bulldozer.