Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ground school.

While I'm waiting to get some flying time (I'll explain later), I've started my "learn at home" ground school program. This is huge because I don't have time to go to ground school class at the airport twice a week for eight weeks. I've been given an excellent set of CD's as part of my flight training that I can study on my own time and the results are automatically transmitted to the flight school.

While I'm disappointed about the delay in getting in the air, it's nice that I can work through the ground school course in the meantime and read the Operating manual for the Cessna 152. My instructor did go through a pre-flight of the airplane with me so when it's time to fly it shouldn't take long at all to get going.


Jock said...

You should make them pay for what they have done. :)

Jock said...

Also you should change the banner to "The Driving Dutchman." At least til you get in the are.

Jim said...

Now Junior, that is not very nice. How about the

"I am learning to fly on my PC with Microsoft Flight Simulator, Hey wait, I paid for this?"

Jim said...

O.K. I am starting to feel bad about that last post. But come on, I couldn't resist.

I would be very frustrated at this point, but soon you will be in the air and you will forget all about this.

Keith K. said...

Well it's actually the theory part of the training, the classroom stuff. No I'm not happy with this latest delay but I'll expand upon that in the future.